MHSOAC Transparency Suite

In a continuous commitment to support improved public access to and understanding of California’s mental health services, this page provides links to the MHSOAC's oversight and accountability tools. These tools extract data from reports that are submitted by the MHSOAC, other state agencies, and the counties. Additional reports and materials can also be found at County Submitted Reports and MHSOAC Research and Evaluation. See also, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) Annual Revenue and Expenditure Reports by County

MHSA Transparency Dashboard

The MHSA Transparency Dashboard is the new home for all online MHSA data transparency tools. The page provides high-level statistics on each county’s service need indicators as well as MHSA budgets, programs offered, and program outcomes. The Dashboard also provides links to all the tools listed below.

Click the link to access the tool: MHSA Transparency Dashboard

Fiscal Reporting Tool

County mental health departments receive $8 billion annually to support public mental health services. The The Fiscal Reporting Tool tracks county revenues, expenditures and unspent funds on MHSA programs accounting for roughly $3.5 million annually spent by the Counties through those programs. The MHSOAC also republishes individual County-submitted Annual Revenue and Expenditure Reports.

Click the link to access the tool: Fiscal Reporting Tool

MHSOAC Program Search Tool

Counties fund more than 2,000 MHSA programs annually. The Program Search Tool allows users to search county MHSA programs by keyword and to filter by fiscal year, county, MHSA component and target population; view a program profile; and compare up to three programs side by side.

Click the link to access the tool: MHSOAC Program Search Tool

Full Service Partnerships (FSP) Dashboard

The Full Service Partnerships (FSP) Dashboard includes data on money, clients, and outcomes for MHSA-funded FSP programs. These are integrated, “whatever it takes” approaches to serving individuals with severe mental illnesses. The dashboard provides information on percent of expenditures of FSP programs, percent of clients tracked and assessed, percent of FSP service days by client age, and breakdown of disenrollment reasons.

Click the link to access the tool: Full Service Partnership (FSP) Dashboard