Fiscal Reporting Tool

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Counties receive more than $4.5 billion annually in State support for various mental health programs, including Mental Health Services Act programs. This tool displays information about funding and expenditures by County Mental Health/Behavioral Health departments in programs under the MHSA, including revenue from the Mental Health Services Fund and Realignment funds, as well as Medi-Cal matching funds.

Data for this tool is drawn primarily from County annual MHSA Revenue and Expenditure Reports to the Department of Health Care Services and the MHSOAC. These reports provide annual point-in-time estimates (similar to a checkbook balance) of revenues, expenditures, and unspent funds held by the counties for MHSA programming. The reports provide a snapshot of County MHSA-related finances as of June 30th of each year. Counties emphasize that these reports should be interpreted with caution as they can be difficult to tie to official, audited financial statements. Data displayed is rounded to the nearest $1,000.